Iwata – Medea airbrush equipment

Hailed as the finest airbrush systems in the world, Iwata – Medea airbrushes, compressors, parts and accessories are widely used by the most elite of professional airbrush artists. Meticulously crafted from only high-grade metals and alloys, each Iwata airbrush is hand-assembled and individually tested for superior performance.
From their world-renowned Custom Micron series to the beginner-friendly Revolution series, Iwata – Medea airbrushes and equipment set a high standard — and stand by it! Iwata-Medea hawe all for Airbrush Accessories and Supplies, Custom Micron Series Airbrushes and Parts, Eclipse Series Airbrushes and Parts, Hi-Line Series Airbrushes and Parts, High Performance Plus Series Airbrushes and Parts, Kustom Series Airbrushes, Revolution Series Airbrushes and Parts or you can start with Iwata Airbrush Starter Kits.

So now you know Iwata hawe it all but prepare if you wanna do some profesional work you will need Iwata/Medea Ultimate Kustom Airbrush Kit that cost around 2000$ Truly for professionals only, the complete set of five Kustom Series airbrushes now available in a single case! This portable and compact aluminum attache’ will make even the most fervent airbrush enthusiast green with envy. Kit Includes: 5 Pistol Grip Filters, 5 QD Male Fittings, 1 QD Female, 1 Braided Air Hose, Owner’s Guide, Kewl Kustom Case, and as a bonus, the NEW Evil 3 Artool® Freehand® Airbrush Mini Template by Craig Fraser! OK or you can simply buy a starter kit and get started in one easy step with an Iwata airbrush set! Learn how to airbrush with self-starting kits. Both kits have a deluxe assortment of everything you need to get started.

Learn with the best . . . Iwata. Iwata Airbrush Intro Set – IW 100, Sprint Jet Compressor and Eclipse BS Airbrush, “The Air Experience” video, Artool Freehand Template (FH-1 SP), 10 bottles of 1 oz Com-Art Colors, 8 oz bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner all for 400$