Paasche airbrush compressor

Paasche Airbrush compressor H-100D Single Action Package
This kit combines the Paasche single action H-SET, D500SR compressor and AC-7 cleaning kit. The H airbrush is easy to use so perfect for beginners.

The three spray head allow the airbrusher to spray almost any paint for most applications. The compressor delivery 20-30 PSI depending in spray head being used. Perfect for the Beginner. The ‘H’ airbrush is easy to use and clean. It can be used with any thinned paint. The D500SR delivers clean dry air at 20-30 P.S.I. H-1000D

* D500SR Air Compressor 1/8HP, ETL Listed with Switch & R-75 Regulator * AC-7 Airbrush Cleaning Kit with 7 cleaning brushes * H#1 Single Action Siphon Feed Airbrush- External Mix * A-1/8-6 6′ Air Hose w/ Couplings * H-1/4-OZ Metal Color Cup (1/4oz/7cc) * H-1-OZ Color Bottle Assembly (1oz/29cc)
* H-194 Bottle, Cap/Gasket (1oz./29cc) * H-3 & H-5 Color Adjusting Parts * HC-3 & H-5 Aircaps * F-186 Wrench * A-34 Airbrush Hanger * TTALB “22 Airbrush Lessons” Booklet * Parts List