Paasche Airbrush Equipment

Paasache is manufacturer of airbrushes and compressors. Manual and automatic spray painting equipment for general industry, artists and hobbyists from USA. Paasche provides the largest selection of airbrush models, including the Paasche Talon, VL Set, H-Set, HS-Set and airbrush equipment and accessories.

Paasche Airbrush Company has been supplying artists and hobbyists with a large selection of airbrush systems, spray guns, support equipment and accessories. Using only high quality materials and stringent quality control, Paasche ensures that all their airbrush products are unrivalled by any other manufacturer. Individually hand-assembled and tested, all Paasche airbrush systems are unparalleled in execution, and are sure to impress you with their superior performance!

Paasche Sets Include all spray nozzles for fine to broad coverage, bottles & color cups, hanger, wrench and airhose. “V” Set – With “V” Double Action Airbrush “VL” Set – With “VL” Double Action Airbrush “VLS” Set – With “VLS” Double Action Airbrush with swivel action. Allows greater movement when working. “H” Set – “H” Set-Single action bottom feed airbrush for hobby and ceramic use.